MXT™Series - Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrench - Exploded View

MXT™ Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench Exploded View

MXT Series - Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Machine

MXT™ The Hytorc's square drive wrench is the only true uni-body tool in the world!

MXT Square Drive Torque Wrench Spart Parts List

1 1 Housing (with end cap, shroud, access plug and seal kit) MXT-.7-01 MXT-01 -01 MXT-03-01 MXT-05-01 MXT-10-01 MXT-15-01 MXT-20-01 MXT-35-01
3 1 Rear Reaction Arm Assembly MXT-.7-03 MXT-01-03 MXT-03-03 MXT-05-03 MXT-10-03 MXT-15-03 MXT-20-03 MXT-35-03
4 2 Drive Plate Universal MXT-.7-04 XLT-01-04 XLT-03-04 XLT-05-04 XLT-10-04 MXT-15-04 XLT-20-04 MXT-35-04
5 1 Sq Drive Assembly MXT-.7-05 XLT-01-05-1 XLT-03-05-1 XLT-05-05-1 XLT-10-05-1 MXT-15-05 XLT-20-05 MXT-35-05
6 1 Ratchet MXT-.7-06 XLT-01-06-1 XLT-03-06-1 XLT-05-06-1 XLT-10-06-1 MXT-15-06 XLT-20-06 MXT-35-06
7 2 Sq Drive Bushing MXT-.7-07 XLT-01-07-1 XLT-03-07-1 XLT-05-07-1 XLT-10-07-I MXT-15-07 XLT-20-07 MXT-35-07
8 2 Drive Sleeve Spline MXT-.7-08 XLT-01-08-1 XLT-03-08-1 XLT-05-08-1 XLT-10-08-1 MXT-15-08 XLT-20-08 MXT-35-08
10 1 Reaction Pawl Assembly MXT-.7-10 MXT-01-10 MXT-03-10 MXT-05-10 MXT-10-10 MXT-15-10 MXT-20-20 MXT-35-35
11 1 Drive Retainer Assembly MXT-.7-11 XLT-01-11 XLT-03-11 XLT-05-11 MXT-10-11 MXT-15-11 XLT-20-11 MXT-35-11
13 1 Drive Plate Roll Pin MXT-.7-13 XLT-01-13 XLT-03-13 XLT-05-13 XLT-10-13 MXT-15-13 XLT-20-13 MXT-35-13
14 1 Left and Right Lever Assembly MXT-.7-14 MXT-01-14 MXT-03-14 MXT-05-14 MXT-10-14 MXT-15-14 MXT-20-14 MXT-35-14
18 1 Reaction Pawl Spring MXT-.7-18 MXT-01-18 MXT-03-18 MXT-05-18 MXT-10-18 MXT-15-18 MXT-20-18 MXT-35-18
19 1 Rod End Pin MXT-.7-19 XLT-01-19 XLT-03-19 XLT-05-19 XLT-10-19 MXT-15-19 XLT-20-19 MXT-35-19
26 1 End Cap MXT-.7-26 MXT-01-26 MXT-03-26 MXT-05-26 MXT-10-26 MXT-15-26 MXT-20-26 MXT-35-26
27 2 Drive Pawl Spring MXT-.7-27 XLT-01-27 XLT-03-27 XLT-05-27 XLT-10-27 MXT-15-27 XLT-20-27 MXT-35-27
28 1 Reaction Arm Lever Assembly MXT-.7-28 MXT-01-28 MXT-03-28 MXT-05-28 MXT-10-28 MXT-15-28 MXT-20-28 MXT-35-28
30 2 Drive Sleeve Retaining Ring MXT-.7-30 XLT-01-30 XLT-03-30 XLT-05-30 XLT-10-30 MXT-15-30 XLT-20-30 MXT-35-30
31 1 Shroud MXT-.7-31 MXT-01-31 MXT-03-31 MXT-05-31 MXT-10-31 MXT-15-31 MXT-20-31 MXT-35-31
32 2 Shroud Screw MXT-.7-32 XLT-01-32 MXT-03-32 MXT-03-32 XLT-10-32 MXT-15-32 XLT-20-32 MXT-35-32
33 1 Drive Pawl Spring Secondary n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a XLT-20-33 MXT-35-33
34 1 Reaction Arm Thrust Plate MXT-.7-367 MXT-01-367 MXT-03-367 MXT-05-367 MXT-10-367 MXT-15-367 MXT-20-367 MXT-35-367
37 2 Thrust Plate Screw MXT-.7-503 MXT-01-503 MXT-03-503 MXT-05-503 MXT-10-503 MXT-15-503 MXT-20-503 MXT-35-503
39 1 Catch Lever, Reaction Arm MXT-.7-328 MXT-01-328 MXT-03-328 MXT-05-328 MXT-10-328 MXT-10-328 MXT-20-328 MXT-35-328
38 1 Reaction Arm Lever Spring MXT-.7-508 MXT-01-508 MXT-03-508 MXT-05-508 MXT-10-508 MXT-10-508 MXT-20-508 MXT-35-508
40 1 Roll Pin Drive Pawl Primary MXT-.7-40 XLT-01-40 XLT-03-40 XLT-05-40 XLT-10-40 MXT-15-40 XLT-20-40 MXT-35-40
41 1 Roll Pin Drive Pawl Secondary MXT-.7-41 XLT-01-41 XLT-03-41 XLT-05-41 XLT-10-41 MXT-15-41 XLT-20-41 MXT-35-41
42 1 Roll Pin Reaction Pawl MXT-.7-42 XLT-01-42 XLT-03-42 XLT-05-42 XLT-10-42 MXT-15-42 XLT-20-42 MXT-35-42
43 1 Reactin Arm Boot MXT-.7-43 XLT-01-43 XLT-03-43 XLT-05-43 XLT-10-43 MXT-10-43 XLT-20-43 MXT-35-43
44 2 Reaction Arm Boot Pin MXT-.7-44 MXT-01-44 MXT-03-44 MXT-05-44 MXT-10-44 MXT-15-44 MXT-20-44 MXT-35-44
45 1 Reaction Arm Lever Pin MXT-.7-509 MXT-01-509 MXT-03-509 MXT-05-509 MXT-10-509 MXT-15-509 MXT-20-509 MXT-35-509
46 1 Serial Plate Right/Left Set MXT-.7-46 MXT-01-46 MXT-03-46 MXT-05-46 MXT-10-46 MXT-15-46 MXT-20-46 MXT-35-46
48 2 Access Plug (with 0 ring) MXT-.7-02 MXT-01-02 MXT-03-02 MXT-05-02 MXT-10-02 MXT-15-02 MXT-20-02 MXT-35-02
58 1 Shroud Spring Screw MXT-.7-58 XLT-01-58 XLT-03-58 XLT-05-58 XLT-10-58 MXT-15-58 XLT-20-58 MXT-35-58
59 1 Shroud Spring MXT-.7-59 XLT-01-59 XLT-03-59 XLT-05-59 XLT-10-59 MXT-15-59 XLT-20-59 MXT-35-59
61 1 Piston Assembly MXT-.7-61 XLT-01-61 XLT-03-61 XLT-05-61 XLT-10-61 MXT-15-61 XLT-20-61 MXT-35-61
63 1 Drive Pawl Assembly MXT-.7-63 XLT-01-63 XLT-03-63 XLT-05-63 XLT-10-63 MXT-15-63 XLT-20-63 MXT-35-63
1 1 Uniswivel Assembly MXT-001ACL MXT-001ACL MXT-003ACL MXT-003ACL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL
    Model 1 & 3 refer to the 1st letter of serial # to determine A or D style MXT-001CL MXT-001CL MXT-003CL MXT-003CL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL MXT-010ACL
001A 1 Male Coupler (comes with nipple) 090155-1/8 090155-1/8 090155-1/4 090155-1/4 090155-1/4 090155-1/4 090155-1/4 090155-1/4
001B 1 Female Coupler 090156-1 090156-1 90156 90156 90156 90156 90156 90156
001C 1 Uniswivel Seal Kit MXT-001-00 MXT-001-00 MXT-003-00 MXT-003-00 MXT-010-00 MXT-010-00 MXT-010-00 MXT-010-00
  1 Housing Seal Kit MXT-.7-62 MXT-01-62 MXT-03-62 MXT-05-62 MXT-10-62 MXT-15-62 MXT-20-62 MXT-35-62