Hidrolik Tork Anahtarları

AVANTI™ Torque/Tension Wrench   MXT™ Square Drive Torque Wrench   EDGE™ Square Drive Torque Wrench

Square Drive Torque/Tension Wrench
The most advanced and cost-efficient HYTORC Torque & Tension Tool for Safety, Speed, and Job-Reliability!


Square Drive Torque Wench
The Classic HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench with more in use around the world than all others combined!


Square Drive Torque Wrench
The durable, 3-moving part HYTORC to meet your budgetary requirement.

STEALTH™ Torque/Tension Tool   VERSA™ Moving Part Tool   XLCT™ Low Clearance Torque Wrench

2 Speed Torque/Tension
he most advanced, twin-speed automatic, limited clearance, slim-fit HYTORC Torque/Tension tool.


3 Moving Part Tool
The Economical, Standard Commercial Duty, Limited Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench for all Areas.


Low Clearance Torque Wrench
The Classic HYTORC Hydraulic limited clearance Torque Wrench used in all industries in confined areas!

XXI™ Tension Machine   T-TOOL™ Nut Driver   ICE™ Tool

SPEED Tension Machine
The Fastest Hydraulic Tension Tool in the world with continuous rotation and without puller to relax the bolt!


HYTORC Nut™ Driver
Dedicated torque tool for the HYTORC Nut™ series fasteners.


Square Drive Torque/Tension Wrench
Equipped with inter-changeable, interacting, coaxial driving and holding sockets for 360 degree tool fit.